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Parallel session: Chemistry
Hebel Saal
Chair: Marinella Mazzanti
3-04 How to build accurate macroscopic models of actinide ions in aqueous solvents?
Valérie Vallet*1, Florent Réal1, Michael Trumm2, Bernd Schimmelpfennig2, Michel Masella3
1Université Lille 1 (Sciences et Technologies), PhLAM Institute, CNRS UMR 8523, France, 2Institut für Nukleare Entsorgung (INE), Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Germany, 3CEA Saclay, Laboratoire de Chimie du Vivant, Institut de biologie et de technologies de Saclay, CEA Saclay, France
3-05 Formation of New Exotic Curium Oxides CmO3 and CmO4 in the Gas Phase
Vladimir Domanov
JINR, Russia