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Parallel session: Chemistry
Hebel Saal
Chair: Polly Arnold
4-12 Molecular and 3D hybrid architectures with tetravalent uranium
Clément Falaise*, Christophe Volkringer, Natacha Henry, Thierry Loiseau
University of Lille, France
4-13 Oxidation state and aromaticity in f-element metallocenes M(C8H8)2
Cina Foroutan-Nejad2, Andy Kerridge*1
1University College London, UK, 2Masaryk University, Czech Republic
4-14 Separation of 225Ac from radionuclides generated by proton irradiation of natural thorium using extraction chromatography
Elena Lapshina*1, Stanislav Ermolaev1, Boris Zhuikov1, Stepan Kalmykov2, Ramiz Aliev2, Valentina Ostapenko2, Alexander Vasiliev2
1Institute for Nuclear Research of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, 2Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
4-15 Americium and Plutonium Purification by Extraction (the AMPPEX process)
Mark Sarsfield*1, Keith Stephenson2, Katie Bell1, Jamie Brown1, Michael Carrott1, Colin Gregson1, Christopher Maher1, Chris Mason1, Robin Taylor1
1National Nuclear Laboratory, UK, 2European Space Agency, The Netherlands
4-16 Separation of Americium alone from a Concentrated Raffinate by Liquid-Liquid Extraction
Cécile Marie*, Marie-Thérèse Duchesne, Vincent Pacary, Vincent Vanel, Marc Montuir, Manuel Miguirditchian
4-17 Spectroscopic study of redox behaviour of neptunium ions in molten LiCl-KCl eutectic
Tae-Hong Park*, Dae-Hyeon Kim, Sang-Eun Bae, Jong-Yun Kim, Young-Hwan Cho, Jei-Won Yeon, Kyuseok Song
Korea Atomic Eenergy Research Institute, Republic of Korea